I mean, this happens, right? And it doesn’t necessarily mean that he stopped loving you or something. It’s just that your sex life hit the rock bottom, turning into a mundane drudgery.

You need to wake up and start doing something about it.

1. Male G-Spot

If you massage the prostate gland during the felatio on your knees, he’ll feel something he’s never experienced before.

2. Watch porn together

Another great way to add some vigor to your sexcapades is enjoying some hot sex movies. Porn will make your juices flow in no time.

3. Ask him to fuck you outside

Yeap, ask him to take you hiking. Tell him that you want him to go full animal on you. Get a tent, take kids to a sleep-over and have some real animal sex, not moaning, but shouting loud AF.

Our brains love adventures since we get lots of adrenalin and that makes us really naughty and lustful. You need to feel some fear for your life and safety. Roller-coaster, kayaking, banjo jumping or dirt biking. Whatever frightens you will pump up that adrenaline real good.