Yeap, we’ve been there. The guy is so meh about us.

Who’s to blame? What to do?

1. Start investigating

Ask him for the password to his laptop and see the browser history for the porn he watches.

Learn what kinda porn he’s watching. And let’s make it clear – he’s watching lots of porn, coz why wouldn’t he want to fuck you otherwise?

2. Start learning

Watch some of the hot sex movies he likes and understand what’s turning him on. Is it a bigger variety in positions? Is it activating the male G-spot? Is it about fucking somewhere outside of the bedroom?

3. Start acting

Buy some obscene lingerie and present the produce to him. Flirt with some dudes on Tinder and tell him about it. Suggest having a virtual threesome with a cam girl.

Surprises are a potent aphrodisiac because they result in the adrenaline production. And this hormone makes you horny AF. That’s why any kind of adventures and pique situations are such a big turn-off for both genders.

Don’t be afraid to take active steps in your sex life. We are convinced that if you do nothing, things will never get right on their own. Seriously.