It’s only in porn videos that people are jumping the rods at the get-go, and the rods are always there to be jumped on… But, in real life we folks go through dry spells.

We just need to juggle so many things at the same time – business, kids, household chores, financial future and career. All these things jamboree our heads and distract us from fucking with our men as we used to. Fully consumed by the flame of love.

How to reignite

You should watch some real sex in movies. Don’t be afraid of the smut on the screen.

A bit more exposure to lewd pics and vids will help you get first of the useless inhibitions you might be holding onto.

You need to start learning what your man likes, accepting his likes and dislikes. We know for sure that whenever you start doing this, he’ll do this in return too.

Consider role-playing. Present your butt for spanking since you’ve been a baaaaad girl. Dominate your man since he owes you the money.

And please, just please, don’t stick to your bedroom. You need to move around. Fornicate on kitchen top, in the foyer, on the balcony. Get some new scenery!