Our couples go through dry spells from time to time, so there’s nothing big about that. But in order to get your mojo back, you need to invest hard work and commitment. Just buying some whipped cream won’t seal the deal!

What to do?

First, you can some adult sex movies. You don’t have to fap for it, but you should find some kinky new things and try on your girl.

This can be BDSM, outdoor fucking or just a couple of new positions that you’ve never tried before.

Second, you need to understand that foreplay is as important to your companion as the sex itself.

So, sexting and dirty talk can get her juices flowing real well, and she’ll want to ride your dick as she used to!

Third, consider buying some sex toys. These don’t have to some big dildos. For instance, vibrating egg, panties with an installed vibrator or some BDSM paraphernalia.

Don’t settle down to boredom and lack of fun in your bedroom. Make sure that you surprise your gf with unexpected twists from time to time.