The Heavenly Doves of the Carolinas
The Pride of the Carolinas
Funeral Services
The loss of a loved one is a time when we need someone to love and understand.  The Release of the Spirit bird has been used in many customs all over the world.

We will be glad to share suggestions in your time of loss.  This is a final tribute to a life lived.
We will be there for you with spiritual support, loving understanding.  A time of reflection as well as moving on.  Death is not an easy time.
We promise to hear your wishes and do our best to make them happen.  If it can be safely and professionally done we will honor your wishes

We normally do a four bird release,  however this is not set in stone, we will gladly do what is needed to make your service special.

When the spirit bird is released followed by the Trinity birds, or angel band they go up in the sky and take your breath away.

They normally circle several times then fly away home. 

Birds can be hand released, or from wicker baskets.  Even children can touch, release and be a part of the service.  We are always glad to make your wishes become reality.

Every Service is special.  We will leave no loose ends.  One of our caring handlers will go over every details before the event. 

We will be at Grave side when then procession arrives,  We have never been late to a service an will not be in a rush.  We have time to care.

Even a memorial service can have a Dove Release. Flowers will fade, cards will be forgotten, But the Release of the Doves will be remembered by all.

You can also give this service to a family or friend, just as easy as sending flowers. Your gift can be announced or kept silent. whatever your wishes are.

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