The Heavenly Doves of the Carolinas
The Pride of the Carolinas

  Welcome to Heavenly Doves of the Carolinas.  We are Proud Members of the WDRP, White Dove Release Professionals. 
We take pride in being a blessing to the communities which we serve. This is a Ministry first.  The Dove Ceremony is a Most Holy event. Do not be disappointed with Birds that are not Trained, That are Dirty , and Those that do not fly.  The small cost will be soon forgoten when the Event is Spoiled by a bad release. Our birds are clean, well trained, Medicated and Wormed. Closed Banded, and they Return home Safely after they are released.
This is very important. Your Day is too special to Trust anything Less. Our birds Are
Seen flying all over the carolinas.  We welcome your comments or desires.

There is nothing more breath taking than the White Diamonds, against the Carolina Blue Sky.  You will be the Talk of the Town. 

We consider each event special, Like it is our own family. Each Family we serve is special to us.  Our Service does not end at the Church or Event. We Care . 

     We are proud to serve the community which we live.  Friends helping Friends.
In a time of Need , or a time of Celebration, we are here for you.

Feel Free to call. 910-331-6290

When you leave a message, leave your number, we will call you . We get a message to our cell, and if not with a family, we call back very soon. Take time to find out , We will Gladly do our best to help you. We are Proud to be called, The Pride of the Carolinas. One of the First, and Still The Best.
Serving Richmond and Surrounding Counties for over 10 years.  We were the First,  Still the best. Allow us to make your Wedding Grand, Grand openings with a touch of Class.  Our Family serving your Family. We are with you from Birth to Glory to make your events special.  Your Day is too important to trust anything less.
We are here for you, from the planning stages to the big event.  We are professionals, offering only well trained white (Diamonds) Birds, always clean and ready to preform.  Our birds fly (unlike untrained birds that may set on a tree, walk on the ground, and or become Hawk food.)  This is very important.
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